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Short questions with Dana Perino for Johnny 'Joey' Jones

You’ve seen us on screen, but have you ever wondered what we’re like off-camera? 

For the last few months, I’ve enjoyed checking in with some of your favorite Fox personalities to learn more about who they are behind the scenes. 

What’s the one thing Jesse Watters couldn’t live without? What’s Bill Hemmer’s favorite Halloween costume? And what’s sitting on Greg Gutfeld’s nightstand? 

But that’s not all! The fun is just getting started.

Dana Perino and Johnny "Joey" Jones

This week, Dana Perino asks questions of Johnny “Joey” Jones — who reveals what honor means to him and whose opinion he values most on Earth.  (Fox News)

Q: What does honor mean to you, especially in relation to the military?

JJJ: Honor is one of those words we give so much reverence to but rarely dissect why. For me, honor is a decision-making tool: Do I act in a way that honors the expectations, sacrifices and traditions of what and who I represent? Am I worthy in this act of the associations and privileges I have?

Q: How important are the friendships you built over the years for thriving as you do after sustaining your injuries? 

JJJ: Friendship is one of the most special things we find in this big amazing world. The idea that someone cares for and invests in you simply because they enjoy your company. 

My friends are just that: people who have invested in me, people who remind me to invest in others. 

Q: What kind or things have surprised or delighted you about being a girl dad?

JJJ: My daughter breaks my heart with a single tear and welds it back stronger with a single kiss. 

As a man, I grew up learning that my purpose is to provide, protect and love. Having a daughter amplifies those core tenets by a million. 

She’s equal parts sweet and sassy, she’ll ride beside as I fill my deer feeders, hang out in the gym with me while I work out and then sit me down and have me comb her Barbie’s hair. 

My brother-in-law is an incredibly smart career fireman who has an uncanny way of helping me see past my shiny-object affinity. 

Likewise, I have a group text of Marines I served with and greatly value their input on how I represent my service. 

Q: What is your favorite movie of all time?

JJJ: It’s tough not to give a list on this one. “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” — but Charlton Heston in “The Ten Commandments,” plus “Tombstone” and “Road House” all come close. 

We take the arrows, open the doors and do the difficult things, without complaining, that need to be done. We do it with smile and a full heart. 

Q: What place on Earth do you most want to visit?

JJJ: I’d like to go to Argentina during dove and duck season. 

I’ve heard amazing stories about the beauty and wonder of 1,000 doves landing on you all at once, lol. 


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