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AI bartenders that recognize regulars could be the future of dining: expert

Artificial intelligence may one day take customers' orders at bars and even recognize regulars as the food and hospitality sectors "slowly" move to embrace...


Big Tech took your data to train AI. We're suing them for it

On a crisp autumn day in 1992, President George H.W. Bush’s reelection campaign arrived at my hometown of Wixom, Michigan. Speaking from the rear...

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Woman boots sister-in-law from wedding party after she shared an 'ugly crying' picture of the bride

A woman removed her sister-in-law from her bridal party after the latter woman — the sister-in-law — posted an unflattering picture of the bride-to-be...

California man celebrates 100th birthday with 'dog parade' featuring 200 pups of all shapes and sizes

More than 200 dogs showed up to wish a happy 100th birthday to a San Jose man at a tail-wagging neighborhood gathering that turned...

Bridal haul: Woman arrives for her wedding on the back of a tractor, 'laughed the whole way'

A bride gave her wedding guests quite the surprise by arriving at the church for her ceremony — on the back of a tractor....

Berry-filled frozen yogurt 'bark' is a cool, creamy summer treat: Try the recipe

There’s nothing quite like a cold dessert to refresh and reinvigorate you during warm weather months. This summer, make that cooling dessert...

'Amazing' mass baptism event: 'Never too late' to believe in God, says pastor Greg Laurie

Pastor Greg Laurie of Harvest Christian Fellowship recently baptized 4,500 people at Pirate's Cove Beach in Corona Del Mar, California — the site of...


'Mumbler in chief:' Biden's lackluster delivery in front of world leader draws scorn on social media

A clip of President Biden mumbling through his comments during Israeli President Isaac Herzog’s visit to the White House renewed many Twitter users’ concerns...

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